About Us

About Us

nce upon a time, the world was cloaked in darkness. Putrid piles of plain toys covered the landscape.


Everything a kid could find to play with was full of annoying digital sounds and screens to distract them from the world they lived in. Toys were being built to destroy childhood, not to create adventure. Hours turned into days turned into years spent online consuming mindless ‘entertainment.’

Two adventurers by the names of Caleb and Reagan were fed up. They were sick of seeing all the kids around them watch bad shows on their phones, and had become exhausted trying to find good toys that didn't break or make terrible digital sounds. They wanted to find a way to recapture that sense of wonder and adventure they’d felt when they were children, leading armies and running through jungles in their imagination.

So they set out on a journey around the world, searching for toys that would inspire imagination and creativity. 

One day, they stumbled upon an enchanted forest.

Every tree was covered with intricate carvings, making the place look like it belonged in a storybook. Reagan and Caleb wandered through the forest, admiring all of the amazing sights. They soon came across a small cabin.

It was built straight into a gnarly old tree. The walls and ancient doorframe were covered in beautiful carvings of vines and flowers. A sign outside read "Finn's Den." Reagan and Caleb knocked on the door, and it opened to reveal a small dragon with wild but kind eyes. "Welcome to my treehouse," he said warmly. "Finneas Ignatius Horatio Fernroot at your service, but you can call me Finn."

Knowing a fellow explorer when they saw one, Reagan and Caleb shuffled through the low doorway and soon found themselves in two chairs carved from mahogany stumps. They divulged that they had been searching for something they could bring to kids that would satisfy their hunger for adventure, desire for beauty, and innate curiosity. Finn the Dragon gave them a very toothy grin, his eyes gleaming. "You've found it," he whispered. "This is Sherwood Forest."

Reagan and Caleb couldn't believe their luck! They had finally found their magical land after all these months of searching. As though waking from a dream, Reagan asked the sly dragon, "Where did you find all these amazing toys?" Finn led them into the woods, where they met some of the most interesting people they had ever seen. These people, and their ancestors before them, were amazing craftsmen, building beautiful objects from acacia and mango wood by hand and imbuing each one with its special magic. Reagan and Caleb fell in love with the forest and its inhabitants, so they decided to move there and bring these toys to the world. They worked with the people of Sherwood Forest to design toys that inspire a sense of Adventure, a desire for Beauty, and a deeper hunger for Curiosity. They now live in the Sherwood Treehouse with their friend Finn, turning his adventures into SagaSets, handmade toys that tell hand-played stories and spinning yarns by the fire. Don't worry, it's a magical fire, so no trees or toys can be burned!

Meet The Team

We are a roving band of adventurers who hold fast to some simple convictions:

• The world is wide. It demands exploration.

• Curious kids deserve delightful toys.

• Playtime should be invested, not consumed.

Caleb Quinones Sherwood Founder and Child-in-Chief
Reagan Tyler Lead Designer and Chief Pillow Fort Architect
Sakir Khan Warehouse Overseer and Team Bodyguard
Solomon McBuildster VP of Playtime and Resident Jungle Child