What is a SagaSet?

What is a SagaSet?

You keep reading the word Saga everywhere on our emails, on our site, and on our social media accounts. You may be asking, “What’s a Sherwood Saga?”

SagaSets are all of the sets we release that exist in a separate story world. So if a set comes from the Realm of Light, our first SagaWorld, then it’s a SagaSet. If we release a toy chest, or a set of cool wooden shapes that aren’t from the Realm of Light or another SagaWorld, we’ll just release them as Sherwood toys. Each Saga will contain at least 5-10 sets, and some may be filled with as many as 40 or 50 different building and character sets! Your kids can build for a lifetime with Sherwood.

Sagas are world-building experiences, and will form the core of our release calendar for a long time. Get excited to build blocks and toys from all kinds of universes! Our first world, the Realm of Light, is a magical world where evil hasn’t quite been vanquished, but the four kingdoms stand together against the Gloom. We call the story we’re going to tell in this world the Lights Realm Saga. We’ll be sending out more about the story arc of that tale in the near future.   

As things move along, we’ll be adding Sagas to our collection. You might see pirates in space, or a world set on a floating island, or an epic narrative about a community of geometric squirrels set in a giant tree. We’ve got too many ideas to count, so stay tuned for more! Or if you have an amazing world you want to bring to life in wood, let us know and we can maybe collaborate on a story together!

The SagaWorlds will also form the foundation of our upcoming Saga subscription, a fun new way to go deeper into storytelling, unique art, and even unique sets and pieces that we’re developing to tell a full-fledged story in each of our SagaWorlds. We’ll let you know when the Saga subscription is ready, but expect a quarterly story-telling experience unlike any other in the toy universe.  

We’ll also release all kinds of other toys and toy-like objects that we just think are beautiful and that people need to be playing with that aren’t from a Saga. Anything that helps you build adventures, enjoy beauty, and stirs your curiosity is a worthy project for us.  

Enjoy the Sagas together with us! Let us know how we can make better stories by emailing or in our VIP group Finn’s Den on Facebook!

Meet The Team

We are a roving band of adventurers who hold fast to some simple convictions:

• The world is wide. It demands exploration.

• Curious kids deserve delightful toys.

• Playtime should be invested, not consumed.

Caleb Quinones Sherwood Founder and Child-in-Chief
Reagan Tyler Lead Designer and Chief Pillow Fort Architect
Sakir Khan Warehouse Overseer and Team Bodyguard
Solomon McBuildster VP of Playtime and Resident Jungle Child