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Creatures of Hammerholt

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Hyraxes and Horses, Rams and Ramblodons. These creatures fill Hammerholt and hopefully your home with growls, snorts, grunts, and other wild sounds. The great Hyraxes, those mighty badgers, can take your children on an exploration of the mountains and hills. The rams climb and leap among the peaks and crags, creating mischief and terrorizing the Flynt Guard. The Hammerholt Horses are legendary for their intelligence, their speed, and their pride. The Ramblodons are strong and large enough to lift the arches and blocks of the kingdom when they're not falling asleep or eating something they shouldn't! These creatures are handmade from acacia wood and built to last.


  • 4 hand carved acacia figures
  • 4 SagaCards
  • 1 cotton map of the realm
  • 1 kingdom illustration

All paints and lacquers used are child safe and are CSPC-certified.