Hammerholt Block City - Sherwood

Hammerholt Block City

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Your kids dream about building entire worlds in their rooms. Let them start with the Hammerholt Block City! The haughty horses of Hammerholt race through the streets of the block city, as fast as they are proud! Hammerholt citizens walk the streets and play on the roofs of these big Hammerholt homes which are often built into the mountainsides. Along with the figures, these massive, chunky house blocks and hand-carved stairs are a must-have addition to your growing Sherwood collection.


  • 16 acacia blocks
  • 1 hand carved horse
  • 3 lathe-turned acacia figures
  • 5 SagaCards
  • 1 cotton map of the realm
  • 1 cotton bag

All paints and lacquers are child safe and are CSPC-certified.