Hammerholt Stronghold - Sherwood

Hammerholt Stronghold

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Build the adventure with the Gontlet, the Hammerholt stronghold! The Blue Kingdom of Hammerholt stands as a strong fortress at the edge of the Realm of Light, protecting the whole realm from the darkness beyond. Explore the stronghold with Holden, the young future hero. Meet King Reyner and his mighty Hyrax. Dream about a world where evil is held back by strong walls and powerful hammers! Play on top of a gorgeous 18-inch canvas playmat depicting the entire Hammerholt region. Hammerholt is the starting point and foundation for the Lights Realm Saga.


  • 50 acacia blocks
  • 2 hand carved mango figures
  • 1 hand carved acacia creature
  • 5 lathe-turned acacia figures
  • 11 SagaCards
  • 1 cotton map of the realm
  • 1 incredible canvas play mat(1.5x1.5 ft.)
  • 1 cotton bag

All paints and lacquers are child safe and CSPC-certified.