Galoots and Sproots Set - Sherwood

Sproots and Galoots

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Beauty and strength are a powerful combination. The fairies (Sproots) and giants (Galoots) of the Hammerholt region are the perfect building partners for your kids. They will work together to build massive strongholds and beautiful cities. The hand-carved giant figures are designed to hold even the largest of our blocks! The fairies of Hammerholt are known for their architectural skills. Let your kids enlist their help while creating worlds with their minds and blocks. Enter the Lights Realm Saga with the first set from our Saga Character collection!


  • 4 acacia blocks
  • 2 hand carved mango figures
  • 4 SagaCards
  • 1 cotton map of the realm
  • 1 cotton bag

All paints and lacquers used are child safe and are CSPC-certified.