Prisma Puzzle - Sherwood

Prisma Puzzle

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Unlock the secrets of the Realm with this magical puzzle! The solid acacia tray holds 34 handmade blocks that are perfect for building anything you can imagine. Go deeper into the lore of the four kingdoms in the Lights Realm Saga with the included illustrated SagaCards. Found exclusively in the puzzle set: Barnabas Bumbershoot, the wise but wonky wizard who wanders the whole realm with his goofy donkey, and the storyteller Chadwick, who travels the realm narrating grand tales and singing epic ballads.


  • 34 acacia blocks
  • 2 hand carved figures
  • 1 acacia tray
  • 7 SagaCards
  • 1 kingdom illustration
  • 1 cotton map of the the realm
  • 1 cotton bag

All paints and lacquers are child safe and are CSPC-certified.